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We specialize in equine photography, but we carry our cameras with us wherever we go and find delightful subjects on every hand.
© Lynn    Margason PhotoID# 3628646: Rain spritzed too Rhema Ranch
These are photos of our own place in Blue, Texas (don't look for that on a map). We have fascinating subjects right at home.

© Lynn    Margason PhotoID# 3748041: Rely and shadow sunset 30 Custom Art
Working with images on the computer is time-consuming, but most rewarding!

© Lynn    Margason PhotoID# 8499597: We're here! SDMS TX Shoot-Out '09
Mules, Donkeys and Miniature Donkeys! They were HOT!! (That is to say they did a superb job in the arena and it was physically mighty warm, too!) These are the best arena pictures yet. We aimed for the "pointey ears" and we got 'em! These are mostly straight out of the camera. When you order a set, I go in and remove manure piles, pylons in odd places, other competitor's rumps, and other distractions from them which does make a difference, believe me! We loved your show and have about 6000 images to prove it! Enjoy the 600 or so we've posted as highlights.

© Lynn    Margason PhotoID# 2155838: hat shade On Site shoots
These are folks we've photographed 'on location'. In 2012 we want to do more of these. We're offering promotional rates for the first to sign up for this!

© Lynn    Margason PhotoID# 3290011: Steeple bell Weddings & Aspects thereof
Weddings are shot after discussion about personal preferences. These galleries show the variety of emphases people place on aspects of their special day! There are also subgalleries that contain images taken at related events (in addition to the wedding )by special arrangement.

© Lynn    Margason PhotoID# 2866761: Framed Fresians CDEs at Plum Creek
First CDE at Agarita/Plum Creek was in October 2006, second one was April 2007! We've got photos from April 08, too! Beyond words! Images tell the story better anyway! ENJOY!

© Lynn    Margason PhotoID# 6166906: In Your Face Shooting gallery
We shot our first time at a mounted cowboy shooting event at the Brazos County Expo Center on May 10th. So, here's a gallery for these and more in our future! Also moving some of the Agarita Single Action shooting pics into this section since they are related! These are SO much fun to take! Of course, although the camera pics up the muzzle flash from the black powder (if you catch it at the right instant), but it doesn't get the sound! So, what the eye can't see, the camera can; what the ear can hear; the camera can't! Trade off!

© Lynn    Margason PhotoID# 11629706: National Miniature Donkey Show in Waco 2011
The lighting in this arena is not conducive to photographing without flash and we don't use a flash because it disturbs the equines (and sometimes the humans, too!) But, we tried.

© Lynn    Margason PhotoID# 2372409: He's in the jailhouse now Events
These are activities we have attended and found to be photoworthy!

© Lynn    Margason PhotoID# 3702262: Solid front BAHA April 08

© Lynn    Margason PhotoID# 2472738: Four faces glowing Fellowships
This section contains photos from church activites. Family photos in Christ.

© Lynn    Margason PhotoID# 6297701: Placeholder SDMS Texas Shootout '08
Southwestern Donkey and Mule Society Texas Shootout three day show May 30-June 1, 2008 held at the Brazos Expo Center in Bryan, TX. These are just a smattering of the 4000 or so photos taken of this event. There are many more where these came from! The donkeys are irresistible. View at your own risk!

© Lynn    Margason PhotoID# 10310046: SDMS Shoot-Out 2010
These are just a few of our favorites from this show.

© Lynn    Margason PhotoID# 4846775: Gourds on field fence Local Color
There are so many things going on near us. I couldn't think of what to call this section; but it includes activities and scenes seen in our stomping grounds (Lee County and nearby counties).

© Lynn    Margason PhotoID# 2376364: Buck at Lake Sommerville park Scenic Shots
Various locations, sunsets, 'n such!

© Lynn    Margason PhotoID# 2269577: getting splashed 2 Horse Shows
These are photos taken at horse events

© Lynn    Margason PhotoID# 4006197: The drive through the estate UK trip 07
These are photos taken on our trip to England, Ireland and Scotland in June 2007. We took thousands; so, we'll be posting favorites for quite a while!

© Lynn    Margason PhotoID# 3766707: Red and black Heart of Texas Morgan Fun Show
Select from 07, 09, 2010, 2011

© Lynn    Margason PhotoID# 2854623: Darla's filly In Loving Memory of Cowgirl Chic
This yearling palomino filly, owned by Darla McCrady, was brutally slaughtered in her pasture. She was a sweet, gentle, beautiful creature with curiosity and zeal for life. Her loss, especially in such a horrible way, has deeply saddened the entire horse community.

© Lynn    Margason PhotoID# 2142543: Bit fits? Animal and Nature Photos
These images are available for sale.

© Lynn    Margason PhotoID# 8812315: What a Wedding
Family Affair! Weddings for Amy & Michael.

© Lynn    Margason PhotoID# 2012993: Neph Jeff with Buck Family, Friends and Neighbors Album
Photos of folks close to us.

© Lynn    Margason PhotoID# 13069684: SDMS SHOOTOUT 2012
I am just starting to upload to this section. Be patient please. Keep checking back. When you order images, the copyright will be removed and also our signature image in the bottom corner. All images are copyrighted whether with the formal symbol over them or by the mention in the lower corner. We did get some really nice shots at this show. For many of the classes the light was right. For some, it was dim and I will be working to improve those before displaying them. To express interest in purchasing these, email at the contact address from this site.


© Lynn Margason

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